Ronda, Spain – Day Trip from Seville

Ronda, Spain

Since hopping on the bus to Ronda, it felt like we were on a quest. We bought a pass for SGD 7.70, which allowed us to visit a number of galleries/ sites. Thus began our quest to hunt for those places.

Since Ronda is perched on a hilltop, winds were strong. We underestimated the wind conditions and they literally sent chills down our spines.

1. Puente Nuevo (New Bridge)

The most iconic landmark of Ronda. The newest and largest of three bridges that span the 120-metre-deep chasm that carries the Guadalevín River and divides the city of Ronda between the old and new. Taking some 42 years to complete, the bridge dates to 1751.




2. Mina Secreta (Secret Mine)

The Muslim King built this secret military structure when Ronda used to occupy a strategic position. It was rumoured to house hidden palaces and bathing chambers for queens. The mine is reached by wide steps carved in a zigzag pattern out of the rock and covered by an ingenious system of overlapping vaults. With its innovative engineering and architectural solutions for overcoming the 80m-drop between the town and the river, the mine is an extraordinarily well-preserved and unique structure in Ronda. Guess what we found right at the bottom of the mine?


An untouched, crystal clear stream of turquoise waters!

3. Jardin de Forestier (Garden of Forestier)

It’s at the entrance of the Secret Mine. For 2€, you get to see both the garden and the secret mine. Garden was just a tiny one, unimpressive. We kept looking for a stairway that led to a deeper part of the garden but no, heh, there wasn’t any. Alhambra & Generalife in Granada, Spain is by far the best garden I’ve ever seen.




Streets of Ronda.


4. Mondragon Palace

This palace is a heavily renovated and part-modernised remnants of what once was the palace of the Moorish ruler Abbel Mallek, or Abomelic, son of the king of Morocco. The best feature, however, is the remaining water gardens, the miniature relatives of the Generalife at Granada.






5. Arab Baths

A Muslim adaptation of the ancient Roman baths

6. Visit to an old wine cellar


This comes as no surprise to Europeans, but cigarette boxes can actually be bought off a vending machine! Prices are in €. 😮


Depending on where you come from/ want to go to, this website provides handy information on buses to and from Ronda.

Seville-Ronda 2-way by bus: 58.50 €
Ronda Tourism pass: 11.60 €


7 April 2015, Tuesday


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  1. Andi says: Reply

    I have been to Ronda, but it was so many years ago, your post makes me want to go back. My parents were living in Madrid when I was in college and I would go back between breaks to visit all over Spain. Ronda is beautiful!

  2. Debs says: Reply

    I love, love, love these photos. What a beautiful place. You are so lucky to be able to go there.

  3. I love your man’s pants in these shots. We are planning Spain in the fall. You have inspired me!

  4. Ann says: Reply

    I’ve never been to that part of Spain, but it’s gorgeous. I kind of want to make the front of my house look like that shop with all the plates on the walls. So cool!

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