Guide to Island of Milos, Greece

Guide to Island of Milos, Greece

Milos was unbeknownst to me until I met a Greek girl on my transit flight from Paris to Istanbul earlier. I was won over by the conversation I had with her about how unspoiled Milos sounded, as compared to Mykonos. Milos indeed is an underrated island, which perhaps is the reason why it holds its charms.

A peaceful island with limited activities to do, it is also the reason why many flock to this island, if only to lounge on the seabeds and take in the serenity of this turquoise Aegean beauty.

milos map

Thought a map of Milos would help you visualise Milos better. The popular villages you cannot miss are Adamas, Plaka and Pollonia. But of course the attractions doesn’t end there. More below!

Villages of Milos

1. Adamas

Adamas is situated on the gulf and is the port where you embark and disembark Milos from. It is THE place to be because this is the main hub where activities begin and end, public transport included. If you are looking for a place to stay, I cannot stress enough to stay here, for convenience in terms of food, tour bookings and car rental. it has cafes and restaurants right on the gulf, shops and markets, discos, and the majority of other services.

I cannot begin to tell you just how fresh the seafood are in Milos. We simply ordered one dish, a lobster spaghetti, from one of the restaurants along the seaside at Adamas, and it was more than satisfactory.

You would not be able to find a more generous amount of lobster meat (not shell, mind you) for the price we paid for in your life EVER.

lobster seafood eat Guide to Island of Milos, Greece

The famished and excited face when we saw what was presented at the table. Incidentally, this falls on the day of our anniversary, and we spent it cruising along the coast of Milos on a boat tour. The boat tour takes you around the island of Milos (refer to map) starting and ending at Adamas. We spent the entire day sunbathing on Angela, the boat (pictured below) with 10-odd other travellers. The focus is on small group tours so everyone could enjoy their time during the tour.

Cost: 70€ per person
Duration: 4-5 hours
Capacity: 8-14


Guide to Island of Milos, Greece

Guide to Island of Milos, Greece boat tour
A photo with our suave Greek captains at sunset.

Guide to Island of Milos, Greece
Captain in action preparing our lunches in the boat which he lives in.

Milos, Greece
So this is what I call sunbathing while cruising on the most turquoise waters I have ever seen in my life.

Guide to Island of Milos, Greece
Spot a rabbit? That’s at Arkouda.

Glaronissia, our first swimming stop. See what I mean by crystal clear turquoise waters?

Milos, Greece

Kleftiko is another famous rock arch pictured in the postcard of Milos.

2. Sarakiniko

Guide to Island of Milos, Greece

This is one of the most photographed spot of the island. It is no wonder, for it is not common to see smooth limestone rocks that make up a beach. Those rocks are eroded by time, wind and salt water, and have small and huge hollows all over them. Sarakiniko is not the most accessible beach. The walk to the beach is not difficult, but you do have to park your car high up near the road and then walk down a foot path to reach the sea.

jump into the sea

3. Klima

Guide to Island of Milos, Greece kilma colourful

Klima, being a fishing village with colourful houses right on the beach, is among the most picturesque and traditional villages on Milos. It is one of the icons of Milos that got me real excited to see with my very own eyes.

4. Plaka

Guide to Island of Milos, Greece eat plaka tavern

Narrow back streets, whitewashed courtyards and Cycladic-style balconies festooned with flowers are some of the characteristics of this village.

Guide to Island of Milos, Greece Guide to Island of Milos, Greece

Visit the Kastro, from which you can get an unobstructed view of the North/West part of the island and unforgettable sunsets.

sunset kastro Guide to Island of Milos, Greece

sunset kastro Guide to Island of Milos, Greece

5. Tripiti

Guide to Island of Milos, Greece

We stayed at Tripiti. Composed of soft volcanic rock, it stands on a hill. Land and life is pretty much barren save for shrubbery. A peaceful little village where locals reside along the narrow streets. It is a 10 minute walk up the slope to Plaka. Ideal if you crave personal space and quiet time with your company, otherwise a rather inaccessible village to live in.

Guide to Island of Milos, Greece

Guide to Island of Milos, Greece

On the flipside, for a low cost (33€/ S$25 per night for two), there is a considerable room size with a balcony, on top of a stove, kitchen sink and microwave! Run by locals, Palaios Rooms gives off a homely vibe.

6. Pollonia

Guide to Island of Milos, Greece

This fishing settlement has a beach with a rich seaside. Accompanying it are a couple of taverns, restaurants and island cafes around the village. Small boats, sea-taxis and ferry-boats transfer you from Pollonia to the neighboring island of Kimolo within 30 minutes.

Guide to Island of Milos, Greece

Caught a bubbly family doing exercises on the beach. There were at least 3 generations in this picture alone. When was the last time you went on a holiday with your parents and grandparents?

Guide to Island of Milos, Greece

Guide to Island of Milos, Greece

The houses are all in my favourite colours, even the barricades. Sigh.

Transport within Milos

ATV/ Car

For rent, but be sure to produce your driving license!


The lines are shown below. The frequencies are variable depending on the line and schedules are set to the relative stops.

Milos Greece bus timings

Cost: 1.60€ 1-way

Cats of Greece

Not usually a fan of cats but these little ones we met along the way were irresistibly cute and shy (unlike the shameless and spoilt ones in Singapore)!

cat Guide to Island of Milos, Greece

Guide to Island of Milos, Greece

Recommended duration in Milos: 3 days
1 full day for taking the boat tour around the island, 1 day for village-hopping and beach-hopping, and another day for travelling into and out of Milos.

Guide to Island of Milos, Greece

Websites which I found really useful when planning trips to Greece are and Milos Travel.

I’m falling in love with this island once more as I look back at these pictures. Seeing that Santorini is such a popular destination, Milos should not be left out on your trip to Greece too!


14 June 2015, Sun – 16 June 2015, Tue


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  1. Anna says: Reply

    Milos has amazing beaches! Especially in the south! I bet you stopped at Kleftiko as well (no beach, just rocks and caves): that was the first time I ever swan through a cave. And the sunsets from Chora are amazing, aren’t they?

    1. I’m glad we share the same kind of love for this island. More people should discover this lovely island! 🙂

  2. This is so beautiful! I haven’t been to Milos and because of this post, I will have to drag the Greek Mister to this place. Thanks to the Greek girl you randomly met and a flexible schedule for you. Love it!

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