How to Fund for Exchange?

fund for exchange

Funding for exchange can be burdensome for students since they have no income. Below shows 4 ways that make funding for exchange more manageable.

1. Go for cheap ticket deals. So I took a shot at Malaysia Airlines on my flight from Singapore. Seriously. The flight tickets were half the price of the 2nd cheapest airline ticket- less than SGD500 for a one-way ticket. What’s there to lose? (A life, maybe.) Okay so if you value your life too much, you should probably stick to the safer option.

2. Take a shot at applying for exchange scholarships! You never know your chances of obtaining one, even if your grades are mediocre. I tried, and just when I least I expected it, I got it! I am so beyond thankful on so many levels.

3. I keep a record of my expenses- every single one of it.
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4. Cook your own meals! I was really looking forward to cooking my meals because I never have the chance to take full control of the kitchen (mum’s territory). Now that grocery shopping and cooking are under my purview, I realise I can cover the meals in a day at a mere cost of SGD2-4. That is PER DAY!

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I can’t elaborate much on travelling out because it has only been 3 weeks since starting studying abroad, and I’m stuck in France until I’m done with my compulsory medical check up, but I will definitely write about it in the months to come. Read more about travel budget tips here!

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