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  • How To Make Friends As An Introvert (Like Me)

    roys peak, new zealand

    These past couple of weeks, I’ve met people from all walks of life. Despite being a self-confessed introvert, I must say that meeting these like-minded people energized and uplifts me. I sure learned a great deal about them. I’ve learned more about how startups work, met entrepreneurs, interacted with creatives (illustrators, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, […]

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  • Student Travel Series #5: Lessons from living in military-enforced Nepal

    Nepal Student Travel Series | Bel Around The World

    Lance from Travel Addicts shares about his out-of-ordinary experience in Nepal – living in a military-controlled country, and experiencing sex tourism first-hand. He also offers some very wise advise to have fun before our responsibilities set in, and how different the world is outside what we know! 1. What’s your name, age, occupation and country you are […]

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  • Neoma Business School & My Residence.

    Rouen Neoma Business School France

    Here’s a post dedicated to the incoming students of: NEOMA BUSINESS SCHOOL Classes range from 3-4 hours, depending on the module. Passing rate is 50%. Some, if not most, classes are incredibly slack. I have a prof from Cross Culture Issues & Global Diversity explicitly telling us there’s nothing to study, for we are here […]

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  • How to Fund for Exchange?

    Ronda Spain streets

    Funding for exchange can be burdensome for students since they have no income.  If you’re looking for ways to earn money while studying, you should read How Do You Get To Travel So Much As A Student? That post details many different ways you can earn money part-time while studying full-time. Whether you are well on your way […]