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  • Montserrat, Spain – Day Trip from Barcelona

    Montserrat, Spain Barcelona how to get there

    Montserrat means “Teeth Mountains”, and it is not hard to guess why they are called that. These mountains were formed due to the sea water polishing in prehistoric times. Home to the Monastery, Montserrat is of religious and historical significance. Montserrat was destroyed in 1811 when the French invaded Catalunya. In 1844 the Monastery was rebuilt. […]

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  • Student Travel Series #2: Pay off travel bills while travelling – Find out how!


    Today, we speak with Samantha from Samanthaenroute, who shares ways we can foot our travel bills in non-English speaking countries, and the extraordinary connections we make through meeting ordinary people on the road! 1. What’s your name, age, occupation and country you are from? My name is Samantha, I’m 26 years old and from the USA. […]